Kwan Swee Lian, also known as Madam Kwan admits that when she first ventured into the food business in 1977, she did not like to cook but learned to cook by making the dish repeatedly until she got it right. Nasi lemak turned out to be the iconic version served till today at Madam Kwan's. You can eat with your hand or use a spoon to eat the dish, the trick is to add a little of everything, and have it in one bite.

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Madam Kwan's Nasi Lemak is served with fluffy coconut steamed rice together with aromatic chicken curry, dried shrimp floss, vegetable Acar, sambal ikan bilis, hard-boiled egg, and cucumber slices. Also, can be served with tender delicious beef rendang. Her attention to detail and flavor also makes a difference in her famouse chicken curry served with the nasi lemak, as she uses her special blend of spices. The food served at Madam Kwan's outlets has a unique taste due to the insistence on certain cooking methods, as discovered during Madam Kwans' cooking experiments.

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